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Advanced: Microsoft Dot NET Problem Kill All Solution
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Advanced: Microsoft Dot NET Problem Kill All Solution
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If you are running Windows Vista, you had better off to do the following:
  1. Go to Control Panel's windows update to update additional patches for all the .NET frameworks.
  2. If above doesn't work, search online for .NET frameworks problems which are on Windows Vista.
  3. If above-all doesn't work, ask/search for help on the forums, and get your fellow geeky friends for help.

The following solution is for Windows XP/2000/ME only. This solution is not tested on Vista. This may not work on vista because vista has .NET 2.0/3.0 pre-installed as a part of the operating system but not .NET 1.0 and 1.1. Thus, the Vista situation is a bit different than Windows XP.

This solution works on a corrupted .NET framework installation on Windows XP that cannot be corrected/restored and/or reinstall to full health by running install/uninstall the .NET frameworks with the official installer from Microsoft. That XP system was not fixable at all without applying the following steps.

If you are not sure your system is clean, please first run the spyware removal tools as indicated in my Kill-all solution:

Download Aaron's Stebner's .NET clean up tools, and trust me, use this clean up tool to uninstall all the versions of installed .NET frameworks on your computer.

Download this 3rd party .NET framework installer/updater to install all the things that get all your .NET frameworks installed.
This installs the .NET Framework 1.1/2.0/3.5 and its dependencies

This installer is way better the ones which are officially from Microsoft.

Go to windows update to update additional patches for all the .NET frameworks.

Optional Reading about official .NET framework installers.

"The .NET Framework 3.0 includes the .NET Framework 2.0 as a part of its installer.  The current plan is that the .NET Framework 3.5 will include the .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.0.

There are not any current plans to include the .NET Framework 1.0 or 1.1 in a single installer with the other versions of the .NET Framework."

GPL license applies.