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1. When I and my friends are together and feel very happy together, just because friends like me too.
2. When I am in a vacation, I will still make friends and I should figure out how to make friends.
3. I hope my friendship among friends is very long lasting. (like you)
4. If a friend have been talked about his personal matter, I will consider it is a secret and do not tell anyone.
5. I trust friends who are trustworthy.
6. I prefer to let my friends to think delibrately instead of making them laugh(because of improper words) and I may make friends to be comfortable with me.
7. I will join more activities that are with invitation (though it seems to fool away (waste) my time), just for making new friends and build a friendship web.
8. I will be appreciate my friends with words(not exaggrated), and sometimes very honest to my trusted friends.
9. I should make my personality can be accepted by anyone.
10. If my friends to play a practical joke on me, I will appreciate them as they feel my presence.

Last updated: 12/11/2003