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Wayward Wayfarer
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"Patrick is a guy that appears the same everywhere." - Joey K. (My classmate)


It is always a good time that naiveness and stubbornness be destroyed on my own. This process sometimes are accomplished with the help of others.

I make myself bold, especially when I admit my mistakes. I am bold to ask questions. I am bold to think and try.

When I get my questions answered, I validate them. I learn them. I organized them, and merge it within my framework of understandings.

I always attempt to acknowledge the reason of doing what I am doing, and where I am now, and thus take the best approach that I can imagine and manage to solve problems.

I understand my temper, I want to understand the nature of my tasks. I strive to my attitude that is ready to deal with tough times. I am willing not to be arrogant, and to be always listening, calm, brave, constructive and cooperative. Attitude controlled my success a great deal.

Because I always try my best to understand every variable in my life. I found my confidence there.

Within my resources limit, I would like to step out to help others if something doesn't turn out right.

Within my resources limit, I would like to speak up if inequalities exists.

I know how to learn things, it might not be the most effective method, but my method get myself through a lot of tough and rough times. Let's get the products out of the door. Results matter.

I always want to keep my trustworthiness. I will not let anything, including external factors or myself, to bankrupt my trustworthiness. There is no true friends if there is no trust.

With my trustworthiness and confidence to myself, the knowledge of the situations, and the understanding of what I am doing, I can take more risk than others, as I can predict my future.

With all these qualities, I can positively influence others. Within my resources limit, I can encourgage them, guide them, whenever they are in needed.
‎"A person like [Aleister] Crowley – yeah, of course he has a dark side, but we all do. The difference is that he explored that dark side and made it into something constructive. And that’s something that I feel extremely close to." - Black Metal Artist/Band Dimmu Borgir

I respect myself, as well as others, provided they do respect me as well.

I respect their opinion, but I have to validate them before I take these opinion for granted.