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What it takes to survive in Computer Science as a student
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What it takes to survive in Computer Science as a student
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My observation was:

To be a computer science major are meant to be a 100% capable problem solver. Engineering majors like Physics, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, more or less, they requires students to be problem solvers too.
To be a computer science major, you must believe you can fix the problem on your own by accessing your resources, and not using external help to substitutes your thinking. You must assure yourself that what you are missing is information only, not the personally qualities that you miss.
I do believe, you have you own wit.
You should have your confidence.
Wit has to encounter problems to evolve.
If you don't evolve your wit, your ego, and your inspirations, you are not a computer science major.

TA stand for teaching assistants, who are commonly there in university classes.

You should have a thinking system that can collect all the ideas from every possible source. The class, the leatures, the lab, the books, the classmates, the websites, the dialogue among the class and the TA (if any), the dialogue between you and the TA (if any), and the library. Then, you will have a system that screen the ideas for validity, and combine all the right ideas together to form a framework of knowledge. Lastly, you try to test your knowledge framework by doing homeworks and taking tests. You build your confidence there since.