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I am from Asia
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I have been idenified as Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Indonesian and Filipino.

I have been hanging out with friends from different countries for a prolonged period of time. I learned lots of good things from them as well as also something to avoid.

FACT: I am from Hong Kong, China. (GRIN)

You probably don't want people in the United States can tell you are from Hong Kong or Japan or so by looking at your clothes. - If you dress too "Hong Kong"ish, you don't feel like you fit in the classroom well. It would be nice if you can become a social magnet; the worst, you just look distinctively weird amongst them.

"Be yourself as if you are in Hong Kong" this is a pretentious statement. In the states, the culture is so different, you cannot be like your own as if you are from your home country. Observe and admitting the difference, blending in and adjusting to American culture is the best way for survival.

Something like these is expected:
A quote from an Ashley, African American (i.e. Black): "I know my friends and I can carry an entire conversation without even opening our mouths."
I have to agree that it is a state of art of gestures system, so you guys (Ashley etc.) can act like dumb for a while, awesome!