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My View: Smartness
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My Definition on 2011: Nothing is smart. OR it is just opportunity, luck, knowledge, attitude, vision, bravery contribute to one's smartness.

Taken around 2005:

Smartness (emulated logicality and organization)

Comments: What an ambitious mindset; however, cannot work without it.
Smartness, what a vague term!
Eventually the required smartness is emulated by logicality.
Without smartness (emulated logicality), I am all stopped.
This explaination linked to so many subroutines and quantities from other mindsets.
Logicality will be always based to find a solution.
The invention of this mindset is "inspired" by others, frankly.

precondition: Assume I am stupid(I am all stopped), and I am not smart (this "smart" is defined as instant intuition, and godsend solution delivery).
"Smartness" is defined as emulated logicality here. "Smartness" here is not related to Intelligent Quoient(IQ), nor anything gifted.

The precondition is vital for this mindset. For the first run, smartness doesn't exist.
Because smartness does not exist before running this mindset, so the assumption is correct for the first run.
Because smartness and logicality is like a space shuttle in space. Even the space shuttle (me) is moving, I can still assume I am all stopped. The space engine is logicality. The speed that the space shuttle at is how smart I am.
Therefore, ideally, smartness can be described analogously as velocity.
However, the smartness is limited due to hardware constraints (You cannot read a 1000-page book in a minute). It is just like the space shuttle nowadays cannot travel at the speed of light. The hardware constraints are limited memory space, limited life span, limited resources, limited processing speed of each instructions, and many more unlisted.
1 With the humble gathering of information (the linkage of information receptors),
2 with the integration on knowledge, information, techniques and technologies (logicality integrator),
3 with the righteous attitudes and ethic (ethic mindset),
4 with the understanding of humanity (life),
5 with the design of flexibility (goal),
6 with the design of efficiency (goal),
7 with the pursue of simplicity (goal),
8 with the understanding of my/others ego, my/others limitations and strength (life),
9 with my commitment to goal (goal listed in definition library),
10 with the multiplicity of ability (life),
11 with the willingness of communication to outside World (goal),
12 and with accommodation of the differences of the outside World (goal::flexibility),
13 with the criteria listed in knowledge base as requirements to solve problems.

14 launch mindset!