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Some Music Discussion
Last Revised: 8/1/2005

For one who have just experienced the first music/piano lesson:

The beginning lessons always the hardest and boring lessons. But you will find more interesting after this series of beginning lessons. After you have overcame some of or most of "the finger" problem, you will need to increase your instant total output of your brain (so called bandwidth - in computer terms;-)) - i.e. try to play more notes at a time. (Frankly speaking, I am still doing that, I do that ALL the time.) And memorize pieces - for 4 bars, 2 min, 5 min, or 30 min of music - without wrong notes, without wrong idea presentation of music, without uncertainty, and nonstop. Improvising music, a brain training exercise. Instant memorization, listen to a song and play it instantly with accompaniment or sing it or even memorize it.

These are technical issues.

And learn the performance style of each period for different composers or different forms of music - the interpretation of music, start from sketch, purely from cold, black and white scores, to different color, different attitude of human-instinctively comprehendible sounds. Music appreciation, critical thinking of music, active listening of music.

i.e. ideological issues.

Music theory - not emotional, not abstract, it is rules and law in music, the way that music behave. Writing a song, write what you think with music theory. Reading music, music theory shows how you should think the music. ----- The theory.

Music lessons mainly consist of these three elements. Things that are not listed at here doesn't represent that they are not important. The things here can make a person spend an entire life to learn, however, see how efficient you learn them, though one cannot be expert in one day. Then, experts look like MP3 machines, isn't it?

Think music to think what musicians think!