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Versions of Wayward Wayfarer websites
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V6.1 Release 2/23/2011
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V6 Release 5/1/2010

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V3 Release 9/24/2005

I have spend the whole summer in developing and revamping my personal website. I used fireworks, paint shop pro, Dreamweaver, Frontpage, Photodraw, Textpad, word, and installed opera for testing internet browser. Of course I have a big fan of Firefox, so I customize it with extensions so that my Firefox is a well-grown Firefox which can claw the Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) 6 apart. I can't stand the flaws in the MSIE. Someone (not me, I have no idea) claims that he can format a hard disk within IE5, it is a powerful application isn't? So it is logical to deduce that IE7 is even more "powerful", powerful that can blow all the machines at a time. It is exciting, isn't? (A motto of my recent computer science teacher)
So my website is and it enters its final stage of completion. I need to add contents including all recorded music, my recent programming projects, my diary and articles, etc,etc. I think I will update it every 2-3 months, which is still very hard to commit with such a high workload in somewhere else. Search the term "wayward wayfarer" in Google, and you will found out that I am at the top of the list. "It is amazing, isn't?"